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Photos from morning workout - July 16th, 2010

Unfortunately the Naval Station Commanding Officer and MWR made the decision that organized group swimming would no longer be allowed in Navy pools during lap swim hours.  The stroke and technique morning training group was specifically targeted and eliminated. 

Gerald Hamilton or Greg Brown, both in the MWR Aquatics program, may have additional information.


Masters Swimming Registration for 2012/13

Registration starts on 1st Nov 12

 For those of you who may/are interested in registering Masters in order to compete in sanctioned events for the year 2012/13, we are now registered nationally as a club.  Individual registration information is available at:  http://www.usms.org/reg/index.php?Zip=96707

Online registration has also been implemented.  Club information copied below.

 Your club name is Pearl Harbor Masters.
 Your club abbreviation is PHM.
 Your club number is 399-016.

 Club contact is - Ernie James
 E-mail - aternie@gmail.com